Soforo is a natural cleaning agent produced by fermenting natural yeast, using palm oil and sugar.
Due to being a natural byproduct from yeast, Soforo excels in biodegradability, quickly returning to the earth.
Soforo meets safety requirements as either a cosmetic or a food ingredient, meaning the skin and environmentally friendly Happy Elephant is truly the next-gen cleaner.

Process of how Saraya's Soforo is created.

The evolution of cleaning agents

Soforo is a 3rd generation natural surfactant (biosurfactant) that is neither a synthetic surfactant nor a soap.
Looking towards the future, Happy Elephant actively uses Soforo.

Evolution of cleaning agents through history.

High Biodegradability

After use, Soforo, which is completely biodegradable, breaks down into water and carbon dioxide, quickly returning naturally to earth. In our biodegradation test, complete decomposition was achieved in 22 days.

High Cleaning Power

Soforo is not only environmentally friendly and safe, but also has a high cleaning power. From stains to body oil, it is an excellent cleaning component for laundry detergent.

Low Foam, Excellent Rinse

Low foaming while maintaining high detergency, it delivers excellent rinse-off results without the slippery feeling found in synthetic surfactants.

Ultimate Safety

Soforo was found to be less toxic and gentler than common raw materials used in hypoallergenic cosmetics in cytotoxicity tests. Going one step above, it also meets safety requirements as a food ingredient.

<RSPO certified oil>
All the palm oil used as raw material of Soforo is RSPO-certified, made with consideration for the environment and human rights.