Born from the desire to leave a beautiful earth to future generations.
Happy Elephant makes 5 promises.

Soforo is only produced with natural ingredients

Soforo, our combination of natural ingredients and yeast created through bio-fermentation, not only works as a washing ingredient, but is so gentle that it can even be used as a food ingredient. With only natural components, apart from being gentle to the human skin, it quickly biodegrades in the drain water.

100% natural ingredients friendly to humans and the earth

All our product are made with 100% natural components. No petroleum-based synthetic surfactants, synthetic fragrances or colors.

100% safety with with top class natural edible ingredients

extra safe

For product made only from top quality food ingredients, we display the "Extra Safe" mark, ensuring you peace of mind.
*In-house product

Aiming to create sustainable products

We use RSPO-certified, sustainable palm oil.

  • RSPO CERTIFIED mark ensuring that Saraya supports the RSPO
  • RSPO CREDITS mark ensuring that Saraya supports the RSPO

What does RSPO mean?

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is a Non-Gov organization with the objective of promoting the growth and use of sustainable oil palm products that are socially and environmentally friendly. Founded in 2004, Saraya joined the RSPO as the first Japanese company in 2005.

Supporting environmental efforts for the conservation of biodiversity

We donate 1% of all Happy Elephant sales* to the Borneo Conservation Trust for the protection of Borneo's environment.
*Based on manufacturer's shipping sales.

What is the Borneo Conservation Trust (BCT)?

The BCT is an environmental protection organization recognized by the government of Sabah, Malaysia. Together with Saraya, the BCT is engaged in activities that protect injured wildlife and restore lost tropical rain forests.

Some of Borneo's endemic species

Examples of the fauna that lives in Borneo.

Read more at our PROJECT page

Protecting the purity of water

Water, originator of life, surrounds us and supports us. Happy Elephant takes into consideration the human and environmental impact of its products, assuring almost no impact on water quality.

Thanks to its highly biodegradable ingredients, microorganisms break Happy Elephant detergents down after rinsing, quickly returning them back to the earth with no impact on wildlife.