Happy Elephant 100% Natural Origin Laundry Liquid Happy Elephant 100% Natural Origin Laundry Liquid Refill

Laundry Liquid

Natural cleaning agent made from 100% botanical based ingredients.
Safe enough for baby clothes.

Lavander & Tea Tree frangance

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  • 100% Natural Ingredients

    Made only with our natural component Soforo and botanical cleaning ingredients derived from palm flea for a 100% natural detergent. Easy to clean up and skin friendly, waste is broken down by microorganisms, quickly returning all its components to the earth.

  • High Cleaning Power

    Although a plant-based detergent, it achieves high detergency and rinsability. With no lost in shape, color or appearance of shrinking, your clothes will never experience any damage due to daily washing.

  • A Natural Essential Oils Aroma

    Happy Elephant Laundry Liquid contains Lavender & Tea Tree aromas made with 100% natural essential oils.

    Enjoy the refreshing scents of a Lavender & Tea Tree aroma with 100% natural essential oils. Without a synthetic fragrance, find a natural smell that will make your washing more rewarding.

  • No Artificial Blending

    Happy Elephant does not use any synthetic petroleum-based surfactants, optical brighteners, bleaches, perfumes or colorants. In addition, due to its liquid nature, there are no concerns about remaining undissolved detergent. Tested for skin irritation, gentle to your skin.
    ※Irritation may still occur in some rare cases.

  • Creating Sustainable Products

    We use RSPO certified sustainable palm oil produced with consideration to the environment and human rights. 1% of sales are contributed to the environmental protection of Borneo, Malaysia, where our raw materials are produced.

    • SARAYA uses RSPO credits to ensure the sustainability of our products.
    • SARAYA supports the Borneo Conservation Trust.
Surfactants (9.2%, sodium alkyl ether sulfate, alkyl glucoside, sophorolipid), ethanol (stabilizer), citrate (stabilizer), xanthan gum (thickener), lavender oil (fragrance), tea tree oil (fragrance), pH adjuster